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Fast Facts

  • IntelliRCM has a 98% success rate in claims processing and collection rates that exceed industry standards by up to 20%.
  • IntelliRCM's RCM solutions have resulted in an average increase of 10% in net revenue for clients within the first year.
  • Over 76% of patients say they plan to continue using telehealth even after COVID-19 passes.

IntelliRCM Review

IntelliRCM is a comprehensive healthcare management company that provides an array of services to medical practices and hospitals. Their innovative platform automates the complex revenue cycle management process, while their expert staff audit, verify, and add an extra human safeguard to prevent mistakes.

IntelliRCM offers a one-stop solution with:

  • EHR & Practice Management software from their software partners
  • Medical coding and billing for instant claims submission, denial management, and resubmission
  • Insurance enrollment assistance
  • Patient data input verification
  • CAQH & Pecos Management services
  • Telehealth services to help healthcare practices meet the needs of their patients during the COVID-19 pandemic

Clients have praised IntelliRCM for their expeditious responses to inquiries as well as their proactive approach to billing updates. They are known for providing accurate solutions that are both efficient and affordable in New York City. With its wide range of offerings from Revenue Cycle Management to Medical Credentialing Services - IntelliRCM is a reliable partner for any healthcare provider looking for quality service at competitive prices.

Products and Services

  • Credentialing
  • CAQH attestation
  • Maintenance
  • Revenue cycle
  • Denial management
  • Account receivable
  • Patient statements
  • Medical billing
  • Dental billing
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Telehealth
  • Remote monitoring
  • EHR
  • PM software

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