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Fast Facts

  • Sunknowledge Services Inc. is a leader in the medical billing industry, boasting a 97% first pass rate, making their collection process one of the most efficient in the industry.
  • Offering unparalleled support in both pre and post billing at a competitive rate of $7 per hour, Sunknowledge Services Inc. promises to reduce billing costs by up to 70%, significantly improving clients' cash flow.
  • Sunknowledge Services Inc. maintains compliance with industry standards and best practices, including HIPAA and ISO 27001:2015, ensuring secure and reliable service.
  • With a wide range of IT expertise and 24x7 automated systems monitoring, Sunknowledge Services Inc. offers round-the-clock support, providing clients with peace of mind and seamless service.

In-depth review of Sunknowledge

Sunknowledge Services Inc., headquartered in New York, is a leading provider of healthcare accounts receivable management services. Their proficiency in billing and coding allows them to offer customized solutions, ensuring effective revenue collection. The distinguishing factor for Sunknowledge is their dedication to providing cutting-edge support, which has earned them a reputation as a reliable partner in managing healthcare accounts receivable.

A significant benefit of opting for Sunknowledge is their affordable pricing; they assert that their services are available at just 1% of the total revenue collected, making them an appealing choice for healthcare providers aiming to streamline their financial operations. This budget-friendly strategy, coupled with their team of certified public accountants and financial analysts, guarantees sustainable outcomes for Medicare and Medicaid HMOs, commercial insurance plans, and PBMs.

Sunknowledge also holds a prominent position in the business process outsourcing industry, offering enticing career opportunities. They offer a dynamic learning environment, potential for growth, and a balanced work-life culture. Becoming part of their team means joining a skilled group of individuals who are enthusiastic about the industry and committed to providing high-quality services.

In terms of specific services, Sunknowledge excels in health system billing, radiology billing, and skilled nursing facility billing. They offer a comprehensive array of solutions, including DME billing, pre-billing services, insurance verification, prior authorization, and more. Their team of professionals ensures that each process is handled accurately and with expertise, guaranteeing optimal outcomes for healthcare providers.

Choosing Sunknowledge for radiology billing is particularly beneficial, as they emphasize the need for professional intervention in this specialized field. Their services go beyond billing and coding, covering urgent care billing, medical transcription, claims adjudication, and utilization management. This comprehensive approach ensures that healthcare providers receive all-encompassing support, enabling them to concentrate on providing quality care to their patients.

The dedication of Sunknowledge to excellence is reflected in their customer testimonials, as well as their numerous awards and recognitions. They offer a plethora of resources, including whitepapers, case studies, videos, and a blog, showcasing their commitment to disseminating knowledge and staying up-to-date with industry trends.

To sum up, Sunknowledge Services Inc. provides a broad spectrum of services for healthcare accounts receivable management. Their affordable pricing, expertise in billing and coding, and dedication to providing cutting-edge support make them a reliable partner for healthcare providers. Whether it's health system billing, radiology billing, or skilled nursing facility billing, Sunknowledge offers customized solutions and guarantees sustainable outcomes. With enticing career opportunities and a team of skilled professionals, Sunknowledge is a dependable choice for healthcare providers aiming to streamline their financial operations.

Products and Services

  • Medical Billing: Sunknowledge provides comprehensive medical billing services that ensure effective revenue collection. They specialize in billing and coding, offering customized solutions to healthcare providers.
  • Healthcare Accounts Receivable Management: Sunknowledge is known for its proficiency in managing healthcare accounts receivable. They provide cutting-edge support, ensuring optimal outcomes for healthcare providers.
  • Specialized Billing Services: The company offers specialized solutions for different medical fields such as radiology billing and health system billing. They provide a comprehensive array of solutions, including DME billing, pre-billing services, insurance verification, and prior authorization.
  • Use of Advanced Technology: Sunknowledge leverages innovative technology in their services. They provide user-friendly EHR and PM software solutions that facilitate healthcare organizations in managing their medical records and simplifying their administrative tasks. They also offer telehealth and patient health solutions.

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