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Fast Facts

  • Sniper Solutions is a seasoned player in the field of EMR/EHR data entry, boasting a rich experience of over five years.
  • The company operates globally, with established operations in both the United States and India.
  • Sniper Solutions is a versatile provider of Telehealth services, offering solutions such as live video, store-and-forward, remote patient monitoring, and mobile health.
  • For any inquiries or further information, it is recommended to reach out to Sniper Solutions through their official website.

In-depth review of Sniper Solutions

Sniper Solutions, a prominent provider of virtual medical scribing and healthcare services, delivers a wide array of solutions tailored to the needs of healthcare providers. With a history spanning over two decades in the industry and a robust team of more than 100 professionals, Sniper Solutions has carved a niche for itself as a reliable ally in the healthcare sector.

The proficiency of Sniper Solutions in medical transcription is noteworthy. Their team, comprising seasoned transcriptionists and editors, guarantees medical reports of impeccable quality with an impressive accuracy rate of 99.5%. This degree of exactness is vital for providing physicians with dependable, error-free documentation, thereby saving them time and reducing the risk of burnout.

Beyond medical transcription, Sniper Solutions also excels in virtual medical scribing, chart preparation, EMR data migration, revenue cycle management, and medical coding. Their dedication to precision and compliance is reflected in their team of expert medical coders who meticulously scrutinize both inpatient and outpatient records.

With operations in various locations, including India and Morris Plains, NJ, Sniper Solutions leverages a highly educated workforce and seamless connectivity to ensure efficient and effective service delivery.

Moreover, Sniper Solutions harnesses the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in their transcription services. By utilizing AI technology, they provide automatic audio-to-text conversion, thereby enhancing the speed and accuracy of their transcriptions. Their collaborations with AI-integrated software companies keep Sniper Solutions at the forefront of medical documentation advancements.

Ensuring customer satisfaction is a primary goal for Sniper Solutions. They offer a free trial for potential clients, giving them a chance to experience the quality and efficiency of their services firsthand. Their dedication to preserving client confidentiality and delivering excellent customer service further reinforces their standing as a reliable and trustworthy partner.

In summary, Sniper Solutions is a respected provider of virtual medical scribing and healthcare services. Their vast industry experience, commitment to accuracy, and use of advanced technology enable them to offer healthcare providers a comprehensive range of solutions designed to maximize productivity, increase cash recoveries, and minimize costs. Whether it's medical transcription, virtual medical scribing, or EMR data migration, Sniper Solutions consistently delivers top-notch quality and superior customer service.

Products and Services

  • Medical Transcription Services: Sniper Solutions offers high-quality medical transcription services with an impressive accuracy rate of 99.5%. This service provides physicians with dependable, error-free documentation, saving them time and reducing the risk of burnout.
  • Virtual Medical Scribing: This service involves the creation of medical records from physician dictations. It helps healthcare providers save time, increase accuracy, and focus more on patient care.
  • EMR Data Migration: Sniper Solutions aids healthcare providers in transferring their existing records into a new Electronic Medical Records system. This service ensures a smooth transition and minimizes disruption to the healthcare practice.
  • Revenue Cycle Management: Sniper Solutions provides comprehensive revenue cycle management services. This includes handling the complexities of medical billing, ensuring that claims are processed correctly and swiftly, which leads to increased revenue and decreased costs for healthcare providers.

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