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Fast Facts

  • HMS boasts a remarkable first pass rate of 99%, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in their operations.
  • HMS is fully HIPAA compliant, prioritizing the privacy and security of client information.
  • The company's services lead to a significant 25% reduction in costs, making them a cost-effective choice.
  • HMS has consistently achieved 100% client satisfaction, demonstrating their commitment to excellent customer service.

In-depth review of HMS

HMS USA LLC, a leading medical billing company based in NY, provides a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the varied requirements of healthcare providers. They are known for their dedication to quality and strict adherence to HIPAA compliance, making them a trustworthy ally in the complex realm of medical billing. Their proficiency extends to numerous medical specialties, such as infectious disease, wound care, general surgery, pathology, and pain management, to name a few.

HMS's ability to consistently deliver outstanding results is a significant aspect of their service. Their impressive first-pass rate and precision reflect their skill in handling the complexities of medical billing, ensuring that claims are processed correctly and swiftly on the first attempt. This efficiency not only saves precious time for healthcare providers but also leads to increased revenue and decreased costs.

HMS also excels in ensuring client satisfaction. Their forward-thinking billing processes and effective strategies for managing denials mean that healthcare providers can concentrate on providing high-quality care to their patients, free from the stress of administrative tasks. By serving a broad spectrum of clients, including solo practices, private practices, group practices, hospitals, and nursing practices, HMS showcases their ability to adapt to various healthcare environments.

The range of services offered by HMS extends beyond medical billing to include medical coding, medical credentialing, patient billing, and front office management. This comprehensive approach enables healthcare providers to streamline their operations and enhance their revenue cycle management. By delegating these crucial tasks to HMS, healthcare providers can leverage their expertise and experience, freeing up essential resources to concentrate on patient care.

In conclusion, HMS USA LLC is a comprehensive medical billing company that provides a dependable and efficient solution for healthcare providers. Their dedication to quality, HIPAA compliance, and client satisfaction distinguishes them in the industry. With a history of impressive first-pass rates, precision, and forward-thinking billing processes, HMS strives to assist healthcare providers in increasing revenue and reducing costs. Regardless of whether it is a solo practice, private practice, group practice, hospital, or nursing practice, HMS meets diverse needs and offers effective solutions. By collaborating with HMS, healthcare providers can anticipate a smooth and efficient billing process, enabling them to concentrate on their primary concern – delivering exceptional care to their patients.

Products and Services

  • Medical Billing: HMS provides comprehensive medical billing services, ensuring that claims are processed correctly and swiftly on the first attempt. This efficiency saves time for healthcare providers and leads to increased revenue and decreased costs.
  • Medical Coding: HMS offers medical coding services, adhering to strict standards of quality and HIPAA compliance. Their proficiency extends to numerous medical specialties, ensuring accurate and efficient coding across a broad range of healthcare services.
  • Medical Credentialing: HMS offers medical credentialing services, assisting healthcare providers in establishing their qualifications and expertise. This service is crucial for healthcare providers to gain the trust of patients and insurance companies.
  • Front Office Management: HMS provides front office management services, allowing healthcare providers to streamline their operations and focus more on patient care. This service includes handling administrative tasks, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

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